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Smart street lamp solution

Jul 31,2021

Smart lighting is also called smart public lighting management platform, smart street lamp or smart street lamp. It is based on the application of advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology to achieve remote centralized control and management of street lights. The functions such as automatic brightness adjustment of traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, anti-theft of lamps and cables, and remote meter reading can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management, and save maintenance costs.

1. An overview of the intelligent control system of municipal circuit lights

The intelligent control system of city circuit lights takes as the starting point to improve the comfort, humanization and intelligence of lighting, and is supported by the integration of information collection, information transmission, data processing and control execution to achieve real-time monitoring and refined management of street lights. And single lamp energy saving.

2.The composition of the intelligent control system of the municipal circuit lights


3. Function of intelligent control system for city circuit lights

● Dimming control:
The dimming of any street lamp, all the way or a custom street lamp.
● Status query:
Query data such as street light switch status, current and voltage, and power.
● Timing control:
Timing control, such as turning on and off the lights at a time, dimming in time periods, etc.
● Failure alarm:
When the street lamp is faulty, it will alarm and display the fault lamp number to the monitoring center.
● System monitoring:
Displays the statistics of electricity, voltage, current, power and other data of the lighting system.
● Data report:
Generate analysis curves and reports such as electric energy and lighting rate.
● Data storage:
The execution history of storage system devices.
● GIS management:
Support GIS information display, operation control is more intuitive.

4. The role of the intelligent control system of the city circuit light
Tenglian Intelligent Street Lamp Remote Control System integrates single lamp energy saving, monitoring, anti-theft, and intelligent control management, which greatly improves the management level and efficiency of urban street lamps, and can solve the following problems for urban lighting systems:
The street lamp failure cannot be found in time.
Manual inspection has high cost, low efficiency, difficult management and control, and high maintenance cost.
It is difficult to locate faulty equipment and accidents.
Street lamp control is not flexible, causing unnecessary waste of energy.