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The rapid development trend of light control equipment

Jul 31,2021

Wide Application Prospects

When energy conservation and emission reduction become a major issue related to the sustainable development of society and economy, such as international market competitiveness, resource protection and environmental protection, vigorously promoting the construction and transformation of "green energy" has become inevitable. The light controller makes full use of natural light, uses high-efficiency and energy-saving electrical accessories to replace traditional high-energy-consumption inductive ballasts, and uses various energy-saving control devices, which have a very significant effect on the construction of green energy.

Intelligent lighting

The light controller can make the lighting system in a fully automatic state and work according to the preset. The light controller automatically turns on the lights in each area at dusk, and the light is automatically turned off at dawn, and the photoreceptor will make good use of natural light for illumination; when the weather changes, the light controller can still automatically adjust the illuminance to a suitable level.

Significant energy saving effect

The light controller makes full use of natural light to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The second light controller can control the impulse voltage and surge voltage of the grid, so that the filament is protected from thermal shock, and the life of the light source is prolonged.

The market prospect of intelligent lighting control system is broad, full of opportunities and challenges. Only by supporting the trend and making arrangements in advance can we seize the opportunity in the future competition. Greening, intelligence, and energy saving are the three major trends in future lighting, as well as the three major trends in intelligent lighting control systems in the future. Only by working hard in these three trends can we make a profit in the broad market.