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How to detect the service life of LED lamps

Jul 31,2021

Now in the street lamp industry, the most commonly used lamps are LED street lamp heads, which are also the core content. For street lamps, its use mainly depends on the life of the LED street lamp head lamps, so it is the core element. Quality is a very critical factor. For LED street lamp heads, its main components are light source, power supply and structure (module and lamp housing). Then how to detect the service life of LED street lamp head lamps? Changyuan Lighting The technician introduces several methods to everyone.

In the process of deciding on the LED lamps, it is mainly the light source and the power supply, so first check the light source to see if the protection level of the cavity that protects the LED lamp beads is high enough, whether the chip junction temperature is within the designed safe range and used The quality of LED lamp beads, different lamp beads, the service life is also different, there are domestic lamp beads, as well as imported, different prices of lamp beads, there are certain differences in quality. So when choosing lamp beads, choose according to many factors. For the power supply, it depends on whether the design has enough margin. Generally, it can be guaranteed to reach more than 50,000 hours.

For the life test of LED street lamp head lamps, the more direct method is to pass the national testing agency or approved test report. For the selection of components, the theoretical basis of the life of LED street lamp lamps and related data are judged by comprehensive data from various aspects. Its authenticity. At present, good quality lamps can achieve 2000h without light decay, 4000H<1%, 6000H<3%, 8000H<5%.

Of course, it can also be judged by some data, such as the light decay curve of the lamp. In the actual outdoor lighting process, the light decay of different LED street lamps does not show regularity, and the shape of the lamp is different, and the light decay curve exists. The difference is that if the light attenuation curve change is used to predict the life of the lamp, the reliability and confidence rate are low. The design of the sealing structure of the lamp, the choice of sealing materials, and the choice of optical protection materials will have a direct impact on the reliability and light attenuation of the lamp. The reliability of LED street lamps can be greatly improved through reasonable power supply cavity temperature design and the addition of lightning and surge protectors.

In terms of the service life of LED street lamp head lamps, it is affirmative that it is longer than traditional street lamps, but its specific service life is also determined by different environments, different materials, and different technologies, as well as many factors. Its service life is also determined by many comprehensive factors