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Smart street lights overweight city construction has become an important decision-making deployment

Jul 31,2021

Looking at the current situation, China Land has more than 500 smart cities under construction. This new informationized city form under the support of the Internet of Things information technology has gradually been incorporated into major strategies for urban development at home and abroad. As an important part of the construction of smart cities, "one pole with multiple uses" and "smart light poles" have become important decision-making deployments in the construction of smart cities.

What is a smart street light?

    Smart street lamps are also called smart street lamps, or smart street lamps and smart lighting. They use the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system to achieve centralized management and control of street lamps, informatization of operation and maintenance, and intelligent lighting. Realize remote centralized control and management of street lights, with functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp and cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc., which can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management, and save Maintenance costs.

     Under the wave of smart city construction, the smart upgrade of street lights is now also ushered in. At present, because there is still room for infrastructure construction, many new districts are still in the construction stage, and there has been room for smart street lights in the initial road planning stage, and more and more applications are available. New smart street lights have appeared on the streets of many cities across the country one after another. After the smart upgrade, they will carry a more profound "mission" than urban public lighting-smart city information collection and convenient service terminals.

Information collection-smart street lights help city safety

    After smart cameras, smart information large screens, sensors, etc. integrate numerous IoT sensing devices, smart street lights have also become a unified carrier platform for urban road infrastructure.

    "Four meters all the way lights, ten meters one monitoring", this is the basic status quo of my country's urban infrastructure construction. After being equipped with smart cameras, sensors and other Internet of Things devices, smart street lights and smart cameras installed in other corners of the city form an impenetrable skynet that can monitor the city in multiple dimensions without blind spots.

    While collecting the video information of urban streets in real time, smart street lights can also transmit the video information to the urban public security platform in real time. Once monitoring emergencies, such as missing manhole covers, rainstorms, violent incidents, stampede accidents, car accidents, fires, etc. The alarm system is triggered immediately, and the warning information is quickly transmitted to the management center. The management center can observe the on-site situation through video, and communicate with the caller through real-time intercom, handle sudden and vicious incidents in a timely manner, prevent the expansion of danger, effectively solve the safety problems of public places, and help the city's three-dimensional security system.

5G micro base station + charging pile incarnation convenience service station

    Smart street lights also have a natural carrying capacity, which can make full use of smart street lights integrated facial recognition cameras, WIFI probes, 5G micro base stations, smart charging piles and other functions. Provide new assistance for smart city application systems such as Xueliang Engineering, smart transportation, and smart parking.

    Not long ago, the first batch of 35 smart light poles for pilot construction on Tianhe South 2nd Road, a bustling commercial area in Guangzhou, has been completed and integrated smart lighting functions, car charging piles, public WiFi, broadcasting, camera security, electronic bulletin screens, and environment. Monitoring in one.

    According to the public, in just 30 minutes, the smart street lamp can charge 80% of the electric car. “The combination of a street lamp and a DC charging pile is the first case in China.” Xu Yuan, head of related projects of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, a street lamp construction unit, introduced that after receiving the pilot task, the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau used independent innovative technology. Integrate high-power DC charging piles with street light poles. This DC charging pile has a charging power of 60 kilowatts, which is much higher than the current power level of 7 kilowatt AC charging piles commonly used in domestic smart street lights.

    In fact, as early as 2017, the United States Wireless Communications and International Network Association (CTIA) issued a report stating that because 5G base stations have the need to use high-frequency communications and support large-capacity and high-speed, the 5G era will require a large number of small base stations to complete the update. With dense network coverage, urban street lights will be an important infrastructure in the 5G era.

    The smart street lamp that successfully landed in Guangzhou also verified this point. As long as you stand near the smart street lamp incarnate as a 5G micro base station and turn on WiWf, you can surf the Internet for free. No longer worry that the mobile phone has no signal and becomes a display due to various accidents, so that the "lost connection" in the bustling city.

Conclusion: The successful landing of smart street lights shows that another piece of smart city has been taken out by people. With the advancement of technology, smart city is no longer a slogan. Smart city has quietly come to people.